HyPixi is a retrofit electric kit which converts on-road vehicles to electric hybrids, reducing their fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.


Fluctuating fuel prices and poor urban health due to air pollution have become a reality in all developing countries.

On one hand, there is a large ageing population of existing vehicles with old, inefficient & polluting engines. On the other hand, pure Electric Vehicles are not the answer just yet since power generation is through predominately coal based grids and infrastructure for charging is lacking.

The solution lies only in reducing fossil fuel intensity of transportation: ‘grid independent’ electrification of in-use vehicles, by a product designed specifically for the needs of the developing countries.

With a vision of creating Carbon Free Transportation, Altigreen’s Indo-US team has developed high-end technology that enables migration of petrol / diesel vehicles to hybrid electrics. After 4 years of development and testing, pilot trials are underway with commercial taxi and truck fleets.

Altigreen Propulsion Labs is based in Bangalore, India.


Altigreen designs and manufactures low cost & rugged electric vehicle powertrains suited to the driving conditions in India and other emerging economies. We provide our customers with the full technology stack including –

  • High efficiency motors based on different technologies and topologies
  • Power Inverters & Motor Controllers
  • DC to DC converters
  • Wall Chargers & Battery Management Systems
  • Optimized SW Algorithms
  • Advanced Vehicle Telematic Solution


Our proprietary, low cost, retrofit Hybrid Power Intelligent Exchange Drive (HyPixi) system converts fossil fuel based vehicles that are already in use into hybrids. With advanced regenerative braking, the system is grid-independent, requiring no external charging.

  • 25% improvement in mileage
  • Dramatic reduction in harmful tailpipe emissions, especially in densely populated cities
  • Quick RoI – recover investment in under 12 months
  • Reduced wear-and-tear so less maintenance
  • Warranty on kit and the batteries
  • First variant can be installed on 4-wheelers under 2 tonnes GVW; other variants for larger vehicles
  • Conforms to Government notified standards, has been thoroughly tested and certified under Central Motor Vehicle Rules
  • Ready for fitment across India

Designed, developed and tested 100% in India, for India and the emerging economies of the world

Future Direction

Altigreen is creating cleaner, safer and more efficient transportation options. Our research focuses on improving hybrid and electric powertrains, both at system and component level, along with an eye to endurance testing, fault-prediction and intelligent power regulation.

Electric Machine

Energy Generation

Multiple sources of energy, beyond kinetic, to be tapped in vehicles; a range of electric machine designs with research on materials, size and cost.

Energy Storage

Alternate battery technologies and design; benchmark and lifecycle testing; usage optimization; structural stability & reliability.

Hybrid & Electric Controls

Improve motor/ regeneration cycles; Overcome inefficiencies of fossil-fuel engines; Multiple power electronic topologies and technologies.

Customer usage

Human-machine interaction through mechanical, web and mobile platforms; big data analysis for forecasting; proactive and preventive care for drivers.


OVERDRIVE CNBC TV 18 Featuring Altigreen Hybrid Technology

Altigreen's Hybrid Kit - Space and Dimensions

Installation of Altigreen's Hybrid Electric Retrofit Kit

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