What vehicles does the HyPixi support?
Altigreen’s HyPixi is designed for cars and light commercial vehicles under Class M1 and N1.

Which engine types does the HyPixi support?
HyPixi is a fuel agnostic solution. Therefore, it will work with standard gasoline and diesel engines; and also with engines running on compressed natural gas, liquid natural gas, biodiesel, etc. The system operates and assists the engine via the engine auxiliary drive belt, with no modifications to the engine or transmission.

What are the best route types for a hybrid vehicle?
A mild hybrid like the Altigreen HyPixi, operates by storing energy during braking and releasing it during subsequent acceleration. Hence, the benefits are best seen on routes where acceleration and deceleration events happen frequently such as city driving and urban areas where speeds are low with frequent switches between acceleration, coasting and braking. Typical internal combustion engines are at their lowest efficiency (low mileage and high emissions) under such conditions, hence hybrid benefits are maximum. Vehicles operating on a mix of highway and city traffic will benefit the most.

Which vehicles are supported currently?
A current list of supported OEMs and vehicle models is available on our website. Additional vehicles can be supported depending on suitability of the chassis, and the expected number of units. Please contact us for more information.

I have more questions, whom should I contact?
For any query not listed here, please contact us through E-mail or phone and know more about Hypixi and how it could work for you.
Website: www.altigreen.in
Phone: +91-7625036660
Email: info@altigreen.com
Altigreen Propulsion Labs Pvt. Ltd.
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Whitefield Road, Mahadevpura,
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How does a hybrid system work?
By definition, a hybrid vehicle utilizes at least two propulsion systems in parallel or in series to effect an improved fuel economy and emissions reductions with improved responsiveness. In the case of a vehicle equipped with HyPixi, the two propulsion systems are the vehicle’s internal combustion engine and a dual electric machine (motor-generator) which applies torque to the crankshaft, powered by a 48V battery storage system.

What is regenerative braking?
During regular friction based braking, vehicle is slowed down by converting kinetic energy of motion into heat. In a regenerative braking system, the vehicle is slowed down by converting kinetic energy of motion to a form of energy that can be stored and then reapplied by assisting the vehicle to accelerate.


How does HyPixi contribute to vehicle acceleration?
Demand for acceleration is sensed by the controller when accelerator pedal is depressed by the driver. Stored energy in the 48V battery pack is released, conditioned by the controller and converted to positive torque by the motor generator which is connected to the crankshaft via the drive belt. This torque is applied to the crankshaft, which reduces the work the engine needs to do to accelerate the vehicle. With reduced work, fuel consumption reduces and so do the emissions.

How does HyPixi help slow the vehicle?
Whenever the driver lifts his foot off the throttle or presses the brake pedal for extended duration of time, the controller senses the driver’s demand to slow down and electrically loads the motor-generator. The motor generator applies negative torque on the crankshaft via the drive belt, which helps slow the vehicle. The kinetic energy of the vehicle is converted and stored as electrical energy in the 48V battery pack.

What kind of a hybrid is HyPixi?
HyPixi assists the engine during acceleration and provides regenerative braking torque during braking; it cannot, however, run the vehicle on electrical power alone.

How technologically advanced is the HyPixi?
HyPixi is a solution like no other in the world and is powered by a number of leading-edge technological innovations:
•    Patented dual-electric machine: the motor-generator;
•    State-of-the-art power electronics and control hardware, running sophisticated algorithms which help attain improved acceleration, increased reliability, fuel savings and reduction in tailpipe emissions;
•    Modular design that allows packaging into a wide variety of vehicle platforms.

HyPixi – Hybrid Power Intelligent Exchange Drive System

A Retrofittable Hybrid Solution


How is fuel saved in a hybrid system like Hypixi?
When the driver wishes to accelerate, he presses the throttle further. HyPixi recognizes this demand for power and applies torque to the vehicle’s crankshaft during acceleration. This leads to reduced load and, consequently, lesser fuel requirement on the engine since part of the torque is being delivered by the electric motor.

Does HyPixi also have a start-stop feature?
HyPixi is equipped with switchable start-stop technology, which turns the engine off when it senses the vehicle being stationary with gear in neutral position and driver’s foot off the clutch. The engine restarts as soon as the driver depresses the clutch pedal to move to first gear. However, the start-stop feature may not work if certain other criteria such as battery voltage of 12V or 48v battery pack are low. Switchable start stop feature also allows HyPixi to be retrofitted on vehicles which already have this functionality.


How much are the fuel savings?
In-house and pilot trials have shown fuel savings of 18% to 25%, with ROI of under 18 months. The improvement in fuel consumption varies mainly on amount of acceleration and braking events experienced in a drive. City taxis, shuttle bus routes etc. generally report stronger savings while applications running primarily on highway show lesser impact. Apart from this, amount of time spent idling is another major influencer to the fuel savings.

How is the existing brake system integrated with HyPixi?
HyPixi senses the brake pedal position and provides negative torque via the motor-generator to augment the braking being done by vehicle’s standard brakes. Majority of the braking is still handled by the standard brake system of the car only. In panic braking or hard braking situations, the standard vehicle brakes continue to function as normal along with ABS and TCS (if so equipped)

With braking being augmented, will the vehicle’s brake wear reduce?
Yes, but the effect will only be slightly better as predominant braking is still done by the vehicle’s standard brakes.

Does the customer need to charge the battery pack like other available hybrid vehicles?
No, Altigreen has designed its technology keeping in mind the electricity infrastructure available in developing countries. The battery pack in Altigreen’s HyPixi kit gets charged by saving the energy normally wasted in vehicle braking. There is no need to charge the batteries externally.

Are there specific fuel stations where customers need to go to fill the fuel?
Altigreen’s kit does not make any modifications to the original OEM engine. Hence, the method and nature of fuel filling does not change even after hybridization. Unlike CNG/LPG powered solutions, you need not stand in long queues for refueling. Fueling can be done as before at petrol/diesel fuel stations.

How much does HyPixi cost?
The HyPixi system costs between INR 70,000 to 90,000, excluding govt. subsidies.

What is the effect of HyPixi on my vehicle’s total cost of ownership?
With improved fuel efficiency (upto 25%) and comparatively lesser brake wear, the running cost of the vehicle is reduced. With improved fuel efficiency, the engine runs at a lower load and hence the life of engine is also improved.

What incentives are available for HyPixi?
HyPixi qualifies for incentives under the various schemes of Govt. of India.  The applicable incentives are applied to the kit cost at the time of purchase.

What are the available financing options?
Altigreen can help you out with financing options. Please contact us for more details

Vehicle Telematics

Is there any feedback system for the driver?
All HyPixi kits come with a Vehicle Hybrid Monitor (VHM) that is mounted on the dashboard. The VHM is equipped with 3 LEDs that indicate the condition and health of the hybrid system and also if there is any fault. Depending on the system status, each bulb will glow red, orange or green. More details on what each color indicates is available in the HyPixi User’s Manual that is provided to the operator after every installation.
In addition to this, Altigreen also offers its own advanced telematics application which helps customers keep track of the vehicle location, health and hybrid kit, over the cloud.

Is the HyPixi operation automated or does the driver have to control it?
HyPixi is designed to be transparent to the driver. The driver starts and drives the car along just like he/she would do normally. Discerning drivers would notice an improved throttle response during acceleration and better engine braking during deceleration.

Why is reducing idling time so important?
Idling of any vehicle leads to unnecessary wastage of fuel and generation of harmful emissions. Apart from this, high durations of idling could cumulatively lead to nullification of any gains that would’ve been achieved due to HyPixi. It is therefore recommended that drivers are sensitized to harm of long idling and encouraged to turn off the engines when waiting for long.

Does the HyPixi generate or log various drive data?
Yes, the HyPixi VHM monitors and records all relevant parameters, every second. Also, any temporary or long term faults are also logged. Using the inbuilt GPRS chip and a regular sim card, the data is continuously uploaded to Altigreen servers. This data is analyzed and used to calculate fuel savings, system efficiency, recurring faults, vehicle tracking and allows taking preventive measures in time.

Does the fleet owner have access to telematics acquired data?
Yes. Along with the HyPixi kit, customers also get the official HyPixi app that provides various info and data on the vehicle usage, mileage, location, route tracking, fuel efficiency and driver rating based on how the vehicle was driven.

Do drivers require any special training to operate a HyPixi powered vehicle?
The system is transparent to the user; hence, no special training is needed to operate a HyPixi fitted vehicle. However, Altigreen does provide driver training sessions to help drivers understand what the system is and how it works/ affects their vehicles. This also helps dispel any doubts or misconceptions that they may have to the new technology. This training also informs the driving techniques to maximize gains from a HyPixi powered vehicle. Upon request, training materials can also be shared with customers enabling them to train new drivers.

Kit Fitment

What changes will be performed on my stock vehicle to integrate the HyPixi kit?
The motor-generator unit will replace the existing alternator on your vehicle along with an upgraded drive belt. The control unit and 48V battery pack is installed in the boot (in case of cars) or under the load bay (for LCVs). In case of cars, total of 5 to 7 holes will be drilled in the boot floor to facilitate mounting of brackets and passage for wiring harness. Additional sensors, depending on vehicle model may be installed. No modification is done to the engine or transmission.

What goes into a HyPixi installation?
HyPixi installation consists of the following steps:
•    Raise the vehicle on a lift, replace the alternator and drive belt with HyPixi motor-generator and drive belt.
•    Install the controller and battery pack in the boot/ under load bay.
•    Install and connect the wiring harness to various sensors, motor-generator and the Vehicle Hybrid Monitor.

Where are these installations performed?
Installations are performed at Altigreen authorized installation centers which also provide the periodic maintenance services. These centers are certified to have the right tools and trained technicians for HyPixi installation. Installation of the kit can be done in a few hours.

Space Requirements

How much space does the HyPixi kit take in the vehicle?
HyPixi takes a minimal space in the boot of your vehicle. You still retain more than 90% of your boot space after fitting Altigreen’s controller unit and battery pack.

Here is a short video comparing the size of Altigreen’s kit as compared to a normal CNG kit –


What is Altigreen’s standard warranty for the system?
A base warranty of 2 years or 50,000 km is applicable for all HyPixi installations

Is the maintenance of batteries costly, like other electric/hybrid vehicles?
Altigreen provides a warranty of 2 years on its batteries but we have seen batteries run for more than 4 years without any issues. Since this solution has been developed for the masses, the battery cost has been kept minimal. Customers can get the batteries replaced at a cost of under INR 10,000.

What about the reliability, maintenance and life of the system?
Since there is only ONE moving component i.e. the rotor of the motor, hardly any maintenance is required for the system. However, the belt should be replaced every 40,000km and the battery pack every 3 years for optimal performance. The system has been tested on road for more than 1,50,000 kms and on test benches for more than 1,000 hours. The system is designed to be very low maintenance with only preventive checks required at regular intervals. Due to such design considerations and long term testing, we expect the system to outlast even the vehicles in some cases. In such cases the same kit could be removed and retrofitted to another vehicle.