Altigreen has created the full technology stack to help customers transition smoothly to battery electric vehicles. All the components are designed in-house and are manufactured through captive domestic fabrication partners.

Electric Motors & Generators

Our patented motors (& generators) are especially optimized for high efficiency and maximum regeneration, even in high traffic density areas. They are designed to smoothly work in all 4 quadrants and are available in different flavors, including Brushless DC and AC induction.


We have expertise in both naturally cooled as well as liquid cooled motors. These 3 phase motors are impervious to the environment and can work in a wide ambient temperature range from -20C to 120C. They are designed specifically for the tough environmental needs of emerging markets, with a focus to longevity and stability.

Battery Management Systems


Altigreen’s BMS can work with three different battery types –

  • Lead Acid
  • Ultra-Capacitors
  • Lithium Ion.

Our battery management systems help the battery packs deliver optimum performance for the longest life time. All our battery packs and BMS have been built keeping in mind safety, stability and robustness of the system and vehicle.

Power Electronics

Altigreen designs and manufactures the complete power electronics needed for vehicle operation. We develop AC/DC inverters, controllers, DC/DC power converters, chargers and battery management systems (BMS). These power inverters are based on either MOSFET or IGBT technology, depending on the requirement. These 3 phase power inverters are IP69k compliant.

The complete development of the system electronics, including PCB design and layout, component selection and placement, simulations and bench testing, is carried out by a team of experts within Altigreen.

Advanced Telematics

App New

Altigreen’s fleet telematics and vehicle management system works on CAN, GPS and GPRS protocols. It is designed to keep a constant watch on the health of the vehicle and the driver behavior, providing proactive alerts, drive summaries, route information, fuel efficiency and the like.

The mobile and web-based apps are capable of analyzing continuous drive data and generating historic reports. Our communications algorithms are optimized to overcome the low data network coverage in developing countries where basic 2G connectivity is often patchy.

Engineering Design & Software Algorithms

Altigreen’s design capabilities include engineering drawing, 3D Models along with stress/thermal analysis. Design and modelling of all motors, housings, brackets, enclosures, harness etc. is done in-house.

Our proprietary control algorithms are extremely robust. They control the system in startup and motoring modes as well as regeneration and braking modes. In addition, our software is designed to maximize the torque per ampere and efficiency of the system under all operating conditions. The system is developed with fool proof security protocols and with an ability to self-detect any abnormal behaviour of vehicle sensors.