Focus Areas

Our proprietary powertrains can be used for two different applications


Full Electric Vehicles

Our powertrains are foundations for full electric/battery electric vehicles.

This solution can either be retrofitted into existing vehicle gliders (by replacing the Internal Combustion Engine) or is made available through our OEM partners’ vehicles. We are already working with three OEMs in three different vehicle segments and are developing customized electric powertrains for their future vehicles. Our high efficiency systems provide customers with higher power and longer drive range.

Partially Electrified Vehicles

One rendition of our product can also work alongside the existing ICE engine of the vehicle.

The 48V system, called HyPixi, can be retrofit on in-use fossil fuel vehicles (both diesel & petrol) converting them to hybrid-electric. It operates without needing any external charging from the grid. Using regenerative braking, intelligent 48V charging and electric assist, it is able to achieve 25% improvement in vehicle mileage. For more technical and commercial/procurement details –


Altigreen’s technology can be implemented on different vehicle platforms, ranging from the small three wheelers to the bulky tractors.

Three Wheelers


Three-wheelers are the most important node in last mile transportation pyramid of India. More than 500,000 are sold every year in the country, serving the needs of a distributed, overwhelming majority of Indians. Used for both passenger and cargo movement, it is estimated that there are over 10 million on road in India.Quite a significant number are also exported to various emerging markets globally.

Altigreen develops high efficiency electrified powertrains for such 3 wheelers (as well as e-rickshaws), in collaboration with large established players. These powertrains allow the vehicle to run for more than 120km in a single charge using lithium ion battery packs and are available for both passenger and cargo vehicles.

Passenger Cars

With the rising middle class population, the number of passenger cars in the country has grown multi-fold as GDP / disposable incomes rise and people eye more comfort in their lives. Further, the launch of app based taxi services (Uber & Ola in particular) across Tier 1 and 2 towns in India has fueled this rise resulting in addition of around 3 million passenger vehicles every year.


Altigreen provides electric powertrains for use in a range of passenger vehicles including hatchbacks, sedans, MUVs and SUVs. Our powertrains can either be fitted along with the existing ICE engine, converting a fossil-fuel vehicle to a Electrical Assist Hybrid, or can be used to drive the vehicle standalone as a Full Electric on battery power. Altigreen is already working with a leading global vehicle manufacturer in India on the development of hybrid and electric powertrains for their future vehicles.

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Light Commercial Vehicles


Across India, light commercial vehicles (LCVs) are driven under extremely harsh and often, overloaded conditions.These vehicles are used regularly for intra-city transportation of grocery, beverages, furniture and industrial items. Driven under over-stressed conditions for more than 10 years normally, they become a major source of pollution in urban areas.


Altigreen provides partially electrified powertrains for light commercial vehicles (LCVs). Ruggedness and safety are extremely critical and Altigreen has mastered both with its technology.

Farm Equipment

Agriculture remains the backbone and employment generator of a significant population of India. It is increasingly becoming clear that modernization of farm equipment is reaching critical proportions, if we have to grow as a society. With this in mind, Altigreen is developing indigenous electric/hybrid powertrains for the bulky tractor!


Altigreen is engaged with a leading manufacturer of farm equipment in India. Instead of following traditional norms of electrifying tractors, Altigreen is working with them to understand the problems being faced by farmers in the field as well as haulage, and developing specific technology to overcome them using electric assisted drives. Our solutions span both hardware and software controls, along with sensitive mobile applications that can provide incremental benefits on the move.

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